Anonymous  identification ?  Identity with Anonymity ? Thinking,  not possible?. Welcome to baskey. You can recover your private key with Open ID (social Login) anonymously. On the server we store no information about you so your account remains anonymous.

Let us see how it works.

First we are not a wallet, Payment provider or custodian of your account. We just provide a solution to recover your private key with the Login that you use everyday. 

Baskey is your public key prefixed with a random string. Let us call the random String as BASK. 

Maskey is your private key masked by scrambling it with random String and encrypting it with Baskey. 

When we generate a  key pair we send the Baskey to you and keep the Maskey on the server. We do not store Baskey on the server. So There can be no  association of the Baskey and Maskey  on the server. If someone gets hold of Maskey for Alice, he or she can do nothing with it unless they also get the Baskey that is sent only to Alice. Wait,  Alice who? There is no association between “Alice” and the Maskey  on the server. What ties Alice to the Maskey  is the hash of the information that comes in JWT , when Alice uses Oaouth/OpenId to login to her social account. Let us call this hash IDHASH. 

IDHASH is what links your Maskey and Baskey and only with IDHASH you can get the private key to do any transaction. So we solved the identity problem while still maintaining anonymity.

If you lose the private key, just login with your gmail account and recover the key. Baskey is typically stored on your the phone. But what if you lose the Baskey also. Don’t worry we use firestore to save your Baskey so you can recover that as well.

As an end user you can recover your keys with gmail login, you can also recover your keys directly to the wallet you use. 

Our API is suitable for non custodial wallets. If you are a non custodial wallet developer contact us so we can provide an API access key. Remember even with the API access key, customers need to login to their social account first before the key can be retrieved on their behalf. 

How our Bulk Scan app uses Baskey  

New key request to the server will give you a Baskey. It contains a public key as well as the random string BASK. Subsequent requests to the server should send JWT token that contains both the information. When signed in, baskey. will be stored in google Firestore for recovery and or use in a wallet of customers choice. 

When you are selected as sweep winner, you will get a notification on the phone with a winner id number. You will send a Claim price transaction and send the public key  along with it to receive the winning amount. To receive the winning amount, “BASK” part of the key is not required. BASK part of the key is only required if you want to recover your key within or outside of the wallet application that you use.

Once the winner id is received on mobile, the claim button will be visible immediately for instant wins. For daily and weekly sweeps Claim buttons will be enabled after a day and week respectively. First time winners login to their Social account (gMail) to attach the IDHASH to the private key. Once the association is complete, IDHASH is not required to be sent in the subsequent request.

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