Baskcart crypto offering.

Baskcart will be using the Stellar network to issue crypto assets. Instead of Launching our own utility token we will be using Stellar Lumens as an asset for distribution. What this gives is the ability for our  customers an easy way to get into crypto and also an asset that is well established with high liquidity and readily available for trading.

In addition to that customers participating in our network will receive an additional equity token BASC which will represent 1 Unit of investment in baskcart. The value of BASC will be set to $1 and the number of  BASCs available will be published at the time the network goes live. 

At present you cannot invest in BASC or purchase BASC. The only way you can obtain one is to earn it.  Here are the options for earnings BASC.

1. Teach the Baskcart Bulk Scanner App. Very minimal effort is required for teaching. What is more, you can do it as part of the shopping and improve not only your shopping experience but others as well. Teaching is simply  associating the barcode on the box to the name of the product. Please watch the video on how to teach the BASKART app.

2.  By purchasing your personal folding shopping cart.  The price of our cart is high, as our volumes are low currently. As the volumes go up, the price cart will go down. Customers who paid high cost and helped in our start up journey need to be thanked. And our way of saying thanks is to you sending our BASCS to you. Every purchase of the cart you will receive 25 BASCs.  Who knows, One day the value of the BASCs you own might be more than the amount you paid to purchase your cart. The number of equity tokens issued during purchase of the cart product,  will go down and will become Zero when Baskcart is fully established  

3. Businesses can participate in Bascart crypto offering as well. Any business that has a product in a retail store, can offer our customers  incentive for purchasing their product. For example one of 1000 customers who purchased your product will be rewarded with 100 USDC coins for example. Businesses can set their own type of incentive and amount of incentive. For the first 1000 businesses and their first incentive on our network we will provide an equivalent amount of BASCs to our business customers so they are net zero in providing the incentives. Business customers will have added benefit of offering any stable coin of their choice instead of USDC

4. If you are a sweepstake winner you will be receiving BASC as well. Look at our mini whilte paper on sweepstakes.

5. As you know the crypto started with proof of work. Proof of work on your case is a purchase – not our products but products that you normally purchase week in and week out. In addition to that teaching is also considered proof of work. If you add a video teaching costumes how to use the app and send us the link once it hits 1000 or so audience. We will send BASCs 

5. If you get the stellar coins or stable coin through us, you can exchange it for BASC if you choose to do so.   

When the offering will start?.

The offering will start on March 26 th 2021. 

How quickly will I get my token? 

As soon as the transaction is complete. If you are using & teaching the app as soon as you click submit in the app, you will receive the tokens. If you purchase the cart, as soon as you purchase you will get the tokens. If you are business customer as soon as your incentive give out happens you will receive your tokens. 

I am an investor. Can I buy BASC? – 

You cannot currently buy BASCs. In order to purchase you need to be an accredited investor and we don’t have the capability to verify this at present. As we grow and if we see a need for funding – to support our operations we will open BASCs to investors. Feel free to drop your interest to invest –  admin at baskcart with the subject “Invest in baskcart”. If there is enough interest we will start the regulatory compliance work.

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